Microcasting: My Next Thing.

What the hell is a “microcast?”

****PROJECT UPDATE**** Unfortunately, COVID screwed this fantastic idea from EveryBit, Inc. up and then shat on it. The site has been put on an indefinite hold for now. The funds weren’t there as we kept gaining people, but we didn’t have enough activity. It didn’t grow as fast as it should have. So I wait for the call but until then, read on friend!

I’m glad you asked! Here are the best reasons to start a microcast at ykyz.com. They are also hiring contributors to have our voices heard, but not for much longer. Think about it: you could be paid for your casts! You’ll want to let ThatOneGirl (aka Teresa, aka our stellar Community Manager) know ASAP. She can tell you what’s what and stuff much better than I.

I’ve only been casting for 3 months and I have met the most amazing people from around the globe. We talk about everything. Even better, they’re only 90-second recordings. Yep, 90-seconds. Perfect for squirrel moments. www.ykyz.com

Top 8 Reasons to Microcast

Not a tweet, just a bleat.

1. Podcasting became a saturated market reasonably quick, especially since shelter-in-place struck our world down. If so many people are tuning into podcasts, why not create a more straightforward, shorter microcast? That is Every Bit Inc.’s vision when they created this unique social site. As an interactive forum for audio conversations, it’s made up of channels kind of like radio stations. Easy enough to browse a plethora of topics and give your two cents.

2. No extra time, huh? Well, good thing that microcast episodes are only 90-seconds long, and you can talk about whatever your little heart desires. I mean, with everyone’s attention fading at your every word throughout conversations, it’s good to get your info out there in the shortest amount of time possible. Enter: your microcast.

3. Build a follower base for your small business, crank out a fundraiser, start a book club, send out PTA meeting minutes…you name it. It is all in your hands. You will get a ton of support, no matter your subject area. Again, the people at ykyz.com are off-the-hook impressive.

If I had a nickel for every thought I overthought, well, it would be great.

4. The site is continuously changing with new features and becoming easier to navigate. The creator has this unique ability to hone in on your strengths and just run with it. The entire idea is fantastic with super people to work with. I’m really hoping it reaches the many millions of web users who get across social networks. I’m hoping it’ll catch a billionaire’s eye and he’ll invest, too. Fingers crossed and all.

5. After getting your casts’ first microcast on the feed, you’ll be able to “bleat” all over the place (iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, Spotify, Podchaser, and many others) with your very own RSS feed. Isn’t that slicker than snot on a doorknob? Right?

6. Think of someone else you think would be perfect and just imagine all the fun things you can do, like interviewing each other or swapping spots for a series cast. The sky’s the limit here and believe or don’t, but people want to hear what you have to say.

7. I thought my voice sounded horrible, so I stopped listening to my own casts to avoid the shame, continually thinking – that’s not good enough, ugh. But I promise you – you sound better than you think, and when you’re excited about what you have to say, that comes out in your voice. Don’t be scared now.

8. This winter, I was less depressed than any other winter I can remember. I was excited to see how my microcasts we’re doing and what new comments I could answer. More importantly, the people I’ve met are genuinely interesting, honest, and fun!

That is why you should go hang out for a while and see what you think. Listen to some bleats and when you’re comfy, cast into the Intros channel right here: https://www.ykyz.com/c/intros

You never know until you try. Sure, being a founding member, I’m a bit biased, but that doesn’t make anything I’ve said here less relevant, or untrue. Pass the word along and if you are feeling generous, tell Teresa jen sent you…. she’ll take good care of you.
Maybe now you’ll feel like you have a goal? And so do I.

AND I’m at home. I’ve set that bar high kids, so let me hear what you got.

“There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky, and you ask, “What if I fall?”

Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”

Erin Hanson

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