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That One Time He Really Left

Sometimes you have to be apart from the people you love, that doesn’t make you love them less. Sometimes you love them more.

Not sure what I was thinking telling him for the millionith time to just leave, but for whatever reason this was the time he decided to go. So I can sit here and cry and feel sorry for myself for something I told him to do, or I can start to purge. Heal. Mourn.


“My Favorite Color is You.”

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So there’s this Valentine’s day thing happening today, and even though I already got my sweet ass rock from my rock….

My ring

That fucker also bought us concert tickets to see d.m.b. this summer! Right?!?!

The Dave Matthews Band has been my fave band for over 20 years, and I have yet to see them live (which I hear is the best way to hear dave).

D has been spot on this past year and given the almost dozen years we’ve been married, I never thought he knew exactly what I wanted. I’m probably one of the most materialistic people I know – my ma has a bit to do with that – and he is the world’s stingy-est.

Phoebe !

So how the fuck do I top that? How do I even come close enough? You guessed it = Sexy time! Fuck flowers, this guy just. Knows.

Have a sweet day lovers, eat a ton of chocolate and hold yours extra close…I’m gonna go wrangle up somethin’ {click} … real nice for him 🙂



 The Dave Matthews Band – get some.


Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”

-Robert A. Heinlein (1961), Stranger in a Strange Land


Our home

“Love grows best in little houses, with fewer walls to separate.

Where you eat and sleep so close together, you can’t help but communicate.

If we had more room between us, just think of all we’d miss.

Love grows best in little houses – little houses just like this.”


“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.”

-Anthony Brandt, Esquire