TØP Still Rocks It

In the age of the Takeover Tour, Twenty-One Pilots has skyrocketed to stardom, not that they weren't already. I got to go to the United Center show in Chicago, and it was nothing short of fantastic. Spectacular. Emotional. For the first time, I cried during a live show and I still can't decide if I... Continue Reading →

Twenty-One Pilots Live at The LC in Columbus #stayalive

Our Oldest

From the mouths of babes.

My Beef with Netflix

I hate it when networks cancel shows prematurely.


All about twenty-one pilots and how much I've fallen for them #bandito


The need to slow her breathing is detrimental and as vital as silencing her pounding heart. Slowly her eyelids fall shut, and she thrusts all her focus to her core, digging for strength and courage she knew was in her somewhere. She just needed some damn time. No time now to figure out what this... Continue Reading →

“My Favorite Color is You.”

"Sober up" Hello, hello I'm not where I'm supposed to be. I hope that you're missing me, 'Cause it makes me feel young Hello, hello. Last time that I saw your face Was recess in second grade, And it made me feel young Won't you help me sober up Growing up it made me numb... Continue Reading →

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