At a spry 26-years-old, Jen married the first man she ever fell for. Her husband is her best friend. He’s the only one who has tolerated her this long. Granted, he’s had a stroke and gone mental, but shout out to him for sticking through. #champ #madness

They semi-successfully raise four three kids/children/babies. One down, 3 to go.

Jen never fully committed to a degree or profession for too long. Sure, she’s held over 55 jobs, but she fancies writing the most. She believes it’s therapeutic. And pretty. She feels, “if you’re good enough, anyone can get a job, it’s keeping said job that’s the challenge.”

Jen cusses way more than most think and doesn’t use filters around their kids. Remarkably, the principal has not called her into school yet {knock on wood}.

Jen is gullible and it has taken her too long to come to terms with that. 

Usually, Jen relates to, understands, and empathizes with all sides of an argument. It may be one of the very few gifts she has.

#marijuanareform #educatedonthate Jen believes marijuana should be decriminalized and used for the natural, medicinal plant it is.

Another one of Jen’s other fine-tuned traits is knowing how to detect a liar. She’s sharp like that. Similar to a tack. Many are still confused as to how she can be so gullible.

Jen suffers from eating in her sleep and not realizing it until the next morning when she sees the chocolate melted to her and the sheets. Every day she suffers a walk of her own shame out of her own bedroom.

She believes there are precisely three topics to avoid at all costs while visiting with family (the ones you’d rather tolerate in the future): politics, sex, and religion. That. Shit. Is. Real.

Dave Matthews Band is #1 #2. TØP has taken the lead! Sorry, Dave..

Jen suffers from an addictive personality. Current obsessions include (but are certainly not limited to): Starbucks twice a day, cigarettes, and chewing ice. It sucks, and to Jen, dental anxiety is real.

Years ago, Jen was diagnosed with bipolar I disorder and ADHD (attention-deficit type). Yeah. Doctors say, “it’s possible with the right treatment plan, she can live a normal and productive life.” She’s still waiting.

Maintaining anonymity, confidentiality, and adhering to uber tight deadlines, Jen strives for quality work using reliable resources. Living in the Midwest with her husband and three children, Jen’s behind her keyboard when she’s not cleaning up after them…

…or choreographing killer dance parties.

If she finds spare time, she enjoys a great book, cleaning her pool, and researching her next project. Don’t let her fool you; she is always up for a creative challenge.

“Just because I can’t sing, doesn’t mean I won’t.”

– unknown


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