Because, Microcasting.

You’ve all tweeted by now I’m sure or at least thought super hard about it, but with all its limitations on length and content, it doesn’t seem to be suitable for ramblers like myself. Similarly, you’ve heard of a podcast, yes? All right, good. So, picture both joined on every social media platform…. right?! Genius.

With all of today’s “squirrel” moments creeping into everyone’s psyche, there’s no better time to have small, 90-second podcasts, aka microcasts about anything you want to talk about. I found this fantastic new project at

Well, wait. Back up and indulge me, if you will.

I don’t think it’s a colossal success quite yet, but it is on the path of inevitable fame and rightfully so. Searching Reddit for small work projects online, I came across an ad for this new microcast position. It’s a weekly pre-paid position where you record yourself talking for 90-seconds about something you’re passionate about. How simple is that? There’s a great opener on the site that the Community Manager, aka ThatOneGirl, created for all newbies at If you decide to give this a shot, know that the environment is ever-changing as the site was just created.

Check it out and mention jen.again sent you; they’ll take good care of you. Don’t forget to have fun while you’re earning a little extra cash. Believe me, the earning potential increases the more active you are, and all joking aside – it has helped tremendously with my depression. The people I’ve met are fascinating and from all over the world. My microcast happens to delve into bipolar disorder, attention-deficit disorder, and a killer rescue-pup, all while managing the kids and the house. It’s an adventure, for sure.

You have a wealth of support and knowledge behind you every step of the way, and if you’re like me, you’ll probably hate the sound of your voice. But that’s YOU, so get over it and accept the compliments you will get. There are also contests and prizes like CotY 2020, March Madness, and the ‘Microcaster of the Year’ award. Not only do they have contests, but everyone also supports each other! Can you imagine co-workers supporting each other? I know! A few times a week, respond to casts, listen on different platforms, or direct message with positive feedback. Everyone you meet is willing to help promote YOU. I especially like the new DM feature and I want to hit the 100 Club by my birthday.

90-seconds – that’s it. Here are some very important links to look over, get more info, and listen to a few people. I’ve also included the channels I’ve made – oh yes – I forgot to mention that you can make any kind of channel you want and promote it just the same.

Familiarize Yourself with These First

And then Check Me Out

Of course, my direct microcast

Also, when you get your RSS feed started for publication, you can then cast yourself on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Podchaser, Spotify, and more. You can also create artwork to post next to your microcast name so you can flaunt your mad creative skills. Things at are just hopping right now. Make sure to send me your ID so I can come listen!

Basically…you should hop into ykyz like the Easter Bunny

Or maybe just march your way into the microcasting madness.

There are more fun things to come, but to fully bring it, I need to bring people. So do me a solid and go start a microcast at It seriously is the future of storytelling, communication, and social networking. Besides, someone WANTS to hear what you have to say. No joke, folks.

Skip tweeting and start bleating.

Go microcast.

And, you’re welcome.


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