A Surprising Sign Of Hypomania

Even though I’m bipolar I with attention-deficit, I cannot help but to feel like her days are identical to some of mine. I commend you, girl!
p.s. I enjoy my mania too which makes me feel guilty. Mostly I feel guilty because I feel like I’m taking advantage of mental illness.

Crazy Good Parent

59912756Last week, it hit me during my morning ritual of reading email. Despite three digital reminders, I realized I hadn’t taken my daily meds. Up to the kitchen I went, grabbed the day of the week pill strip and discovered it needed refilling. This sent me to the fridge to grab the “All Out Of” list on which we tick off things we’re all out of. I wrote in “krill oil,” then realized we were probably also out of furnace filters. I went downstairs to check.

While downstairs, I realized I hadn’t finished weeding email for the day so I popped into my office and got back on task. I clicked from a job search message to postings for writers. I remembered my son is also looking for a job so perused postings for entry-level jobs, too.

About to check Facebook, I reminded myself that I was supposed to be…

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