the Storm.

There comes a point in life when every little mishap comes tumbling down all at once and you decide this is where you live. Our financial picture became a full blown, instant flood of shit, and it came at us hard in 2019.

Our New Normal

  • IRS Audit – owe $2k for forgetting to file state returns (my bad)
  • His defaulted student loans took our $5k refund and will continue for, oh, the next 25 years or so
  • Nephew gets arrested for possession, we bail him out
  • He doesn’t get paid one check because he thought FMLA was paid time off
  • His truck is repossessed
  • He works from home 100% due to one vehicle
  • Argue with high school about daughter’s name change without our consent or approval. They don’t care.
  • He runs into fire hydrant…with my truck…while texting
  • Insurance doesn’t cover his hydrant mishap = $2800 fire hydrant bill courtesy of water department
  • Insurance puts his accidents under my name = hella high premiums
  • Step-daughter tells biomom a bunch of crap leading to a nasty facebook message that hurt much more than it should
  • Haven’t spoken to step-daughter since said message
  • My truck is repossessed (joke’s on them: still has $3k worth of damage)
  • We have NO transportation for 3 weeks
  • Gas gets turned off for a week = cold baths
  • Energy bill = $6,705.00
  • Lost pool due to his shitty setup and it starts collapsing with the youngest still in it
  • Deck setup is disaster, one of the kids best friends semi-falls through
  • 2nd pool he got he puts a hole in while filling
  • Can’t find leak in side of house/ceiling so we’re still missing the ceiling in one room from water damage
  • He puts a hole in wall between kitchen and dining room but doesn’t know how to do it. It’s since unfinished.
  • He loses directions to build his new shed which is still all over the backyard
  • He loses it one morning and has inpatient psych stay for the weekend, ending in a major depressive disorder diagnosis
  • We’re told foreclosure case has been moved to attorney’s office (meaning, I’ll lose my childhood home that my great, great uncle built in 1930 unless I can pay them $10k)

“This too shall pass.”

too many people


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