Just Say…No?


Way back in the 80s, while the nation fought the war on drugs and practiced the “Just Say No” campaign, my elementary school gave us the opportunity to make a radio ad to promote this shit.  Our task was to write a paragraph about what you would say to someone who offered you drugs (spoiler: say no).

I must have slathered on the bullshit well because my anti-drug paragraph won first place. Oh, I had my day in the sun too because the grand prize was to read your article on a local radio station for an entire 30-second ad. I don’t remember how many times I got to start over or yell re-do, but I sure got some fame – even my out-of-town uncle called to tell us he heard me on the radio. Super sweet.


Although I’m certain I had a great little speech and probably deserved to win, I don’t remember a damn word. Clearly, I’m no poster girl for the war on drugs.




“Alright, alright, alright.”

– Matthew McConaughey, in…


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